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We are one of the local guides located on the island of Lombok who has experience since 2011. as a service provider for your tour in Lombok, one of which is climbing Mount Rinjani Lombok. Of course Anjani Trekking aims to develop tourism in Lombok, especially inviting to see the amazing beauty of Mount Rinjani Lombok, we have an experienced team that will help your trip when climbing Mount Rinjani.
Anjani Trekking provides complete facilities to support your climbing trip starting from pick-up according to agreement, lodging according to choice, and others.

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Rinjani mountain climbing Lombok you can choose two paths including sembalun and senaru sembalun lawang through the path in east lombok of course we will travel quite a long time and most importantly you will feel the comfort of the trip by enjoying the beauty of the island of lombok at several points tourist attractions lombok also if you choose the Senaru route Anjani Trekking also offers climbing to Mount Rinjani. You can also visit popular tourist spots in Lombok, namely the Sembalun Pegasingan hill where we can rest and enjoy the journey in a village under the foot of the Rinjani gun which has an amazing panorama where a small village is in the middle. the rice fields / which are seen from the top of the hill with its own beauty besides that you can also directly see agricultural activities, namely the strawberry garden which is provided as a tourist attraction where you can unwind while on your trip.

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