Paket Tour 3 Gili Lombok Selatan

1 Day

For those of you who don’t like crowds and want to enjoy a more private beach, then this dyke trio is the right choice. This dyke trio has a stretch of white sand and the sea water is very clear. The color gradations of the sea will make your eyes mesmerized by its beauty. So clear, you can do activities such as snorkeling. The underwater scenery is beautiful. Coral reefs, fish and other marine biota are very easy to see on this dyke. located in the southern part of West Lombok Regency, to be precise near Sheet Harbor. Gili is a tourist spot that has not been touched by its natural authenticity by motorized vehicles or cidomo. Gili Sudak is still in the southern dyke cluster in a row, with Gili Nanggu and Gili Tangkong.

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Full day tour visit:

  • Beautiful panorama to the three Gili
  • Visiting Banyumulek Village, which is one of the clay craftsman villages in Lombok
  • Visiting Sukarara Village which is one of the villages for weaving cloth craftsmen in Lombok
  • Continue the journey to the harbor, continue to Gili Nanggu by outrigger boat
  • Snorkeling or diving on Gili Nanggu & Gili Kedis with turquoise water
  • Colorful corals and friendly colorful fish. And white sand beach.
  • Barbeque lunch at Gili Tangkong.
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