Sasak Traditional Tour

1 Day

The Sasak tribe is an ethnic group that inhabits the island of Lombok and uses the Sasak language. Most of the Sasak tribe are Muslim, uniquely in a small part of the Sasak community, there are Islamic religious practices that are somewhat different from Islam in general, namely Islam Wetu Telu, but only about 1% of those who practice such worship. There are also a few Sasak people who adhere to a pre-Islamic belief called “Sasak Boda”.

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The word Sasak comes from the word sak sak, which means one and one. The word sak is also used by some Dayak tribes on the island of Kalimantan to say one. The Sasak people are famous for being good at making cloth by weaving, in the past every woman would be said to be an adult and ready to marry if she was good at weaving. Weaving in the language of the Sasak people is Sèsèk.

Half Day tour visit:

  • Narmada’s summer palace. Lingsar, a unique temple
  • Mataram, Cakranegara, Ampenan city & Islamic Center
  • Lunch at a local restaurant

Full day tour visit:

  • Visiting Banyumulek Village, which is one of the clay craftsman villages in Lombok
  • Visiting Sukarara Village which is one of the villages for weaving cloth craftsmen in Lombok
  • Visiting Sade Village or Rambitan, namely the village of Sasak traditional houses in Lombok
  • Visiting Kuta Beach Lombok, one of the iconic beaches on the island of Lombok and Tanjung Aan beach, which is located close to Kuta beach
  • Lunch at local restaurant
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