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Follow us climbing Mount Rinjani, we will enjoy exploring the top of the Rinjani National Park, Lombok

Anjani Trekking is one of the local trekking guides who was born under Mount Rinjani, precisely in Senaru Village, which has professional competence to invite you to climb Mount Rinjani, Lombok.You don’t hesitate to contact us even if you just say hello…we will respond as soon as possible because our admin is active 24 hours to satisfy our customers,Choose the trekking package you need now with the program details on our website and don’t forget to leave your message for your trekking questions.


Mount Rinjani National Park is the one of the famous, beautiful and challenge adventure destination in the world, covers an area of 41,330 ha on the northern part of Lombok. Named after Indonesia’s second highest volcanic peak outside of West Papua, the peak of Mt Rinjani (3,726m) dominates the landscape. Within the crater is the spectacular Segara Anak lake and the still-active volcano Gunung Baru (2,363m). Rinjani National Park


It is surrounded by a further 66,000 ha of Protection Forest and covers the four administrative district of West, East, north and Central Lombok. The park ecosystem is in the transitional zone between Asia and Australia (Wallace zone). Average rainfall is about 3,000 mm annually. Gunung Rinjani is rich in a variety of flora, fauna and vegetation types. On the south western side of the mountain is the most eastern extent of primary rainforest in Nusa Tenggara.

Rinjani Trek via Sembalun

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